US Existing-Home Sales Drop for 3rd Straight Month

Personally I’m having one of the better Decembers in the last few years, but I do hope this trend is soon broken.

US Existing-Home Sales Drop for 3rd Straight Month

As am I but still I must say:

You mean the economy is not fixed?

I had a client a couple of weeks ago that ran a specific liquidation business related to housing.

We were chatting and he said nothing has been fixed.

I’ve had a great year, not quite done yet, I have 2 more inspections booked before Christmas. But I must admit, December was a bit slow, as it always seems to be.

In further news there has been more snow the last 3 months.

That just makes my job (and yours too) a bit more uncomfortable…

Monday AM canceled but I filled it 10 minutes later.

Crazy for this close to Christmas.

U.S. Home Prices Climb at Fastest Clip in 7 Years

Index Shows 12.4% Annual Increase in July, but Signs Emerge of Moderating Gains

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Slowest Nov -Dec months in 5 years Down about 30%

Guess I’ll consider myself lucky so far, been a pretty good week here!

It’s obviously pockets as I had 5 last week 3 and a commercial this week and two scheduled next Monday .
I had planned to get some fences built this month but… Guess not.
Been an interesting ride this year