US Inspect press release

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I"m in VA and couldn’t use you guys.

Because Internachi doesn’t do the live classroom requirements in VA.

Curios how that will work for new US Inspect students.

We have the 35-hour online pre-licensing course approved by the state. It’s one of the state options:

You do now, but when i was looking and asking you for advise.
You sent me to ICA …

You still don’t live classrooms in VA .

Va required both sir…

Very fine endorsement indeed, Nick.
“Our partnership with InterNACHI® strengthens our shared objective to continue to deliver consistently high-quality home inspections to homebuyers, sellers, and Realtors,” said JB Haller, US Inspect President and CEO.
Looking forward to this Free trade Organization, InterNACHI blowing the companion doors out of the water and onto the shores of InterNACHI.
Keep up the great work.
Robert Young CPI/CMI.