Value of real estate inspected by InterNACHI members approaches $15 trillion!

Something to think about: If there were Facebook like icons on data and article pages, it would be a lot easier for NACHI members to share the NACHI consumer materials on their own Facebook page. Google should like the extra traffic.

Hi James,

Yes, it is an excellent idea; InterNACHI’s IT Department implemented this feature in the past, however, they found no one was utilizing the benefit so it was eliminated.

No one will use something if they don’t know it exists. I’ve been here 8 years and this is the first I’ve heard of it.
Also, use something more reputable, like Google+. FB is for teeny-boppers, housewives/soccer moms and part-time agents!


Thanks for your input, I will certainly share your insight with our IT Department.

We hit it:

You couldnt be more wrong. My 20 yo daughter is a twitter and instagram fanatic and FB is for grand parents to follow their kids and grandkids. its hardly a teeny-bopper thing.

What are all of these estimated numbers based on?

Are they based on some poll or on how many inspections are signed using the NACHI PIA system plus other variables?

Right? Who tracks the values of my inspections. I don’t even know the prices

Exactly as stated!

You don’t need to know the price of each home to calculate. For an example: The sum of the values of all the homes you’ve personally inspected is equal to the number of homes you’ve inspected times their average value.