vampire plumbing

I’ll just drive this stake in here and that should take care of it:D

Sieberson 114.jpg

Somehow I can picture the guy. Built like a “plumbing guru”, wearing striped dickies overalls…no t-shirt and a big mallet like in the cartoons.

“yep, yep…that’ll take care o’ that leak”. Great picture.

You just keep coming up with them Charlie.:roll:

A CRACKER who moved to Washington.

Hey David,
How about this one----I wouldn’t have guessed you could even install one inside-out:shock: :smiley:

Sieberson 107.jpg


I find small wooden corks banged right into rusted out (deteriorated) holes in cast iron waste piping, once in a while.

You must be acquiring a very large collection of funny plumbing, no general housing, pictures.:wink:

That would be far easier to remove compaired to some of the cast iron plugs I’ve fought with.