Vapor Barrier on the wrong side?

This is an Attic with John’s Manville Batt-faced insulation installed.
Does this look right? I’m thinking this probably was a “WALL insulation” installation technique,
where the vapor barrier is supposed to be against the living (or heated)
This looks weird to me…it doesn’t jive with what I know about building science, where you don’t want moisture getting trapped in the insulation, etc…

what do you guys think?

It’s installed backwards. Like you said, vapor barrier (paper) toward heated space.

Is this the first time you’ve seen it installed this way (wrong)?

Yes it is, and it sure is gonna pissoff the builder, who’s house it is…
I figured as much…:roll:

Unfortunately I see it like this too often, usually when adding to old insulation to increase R-Value.

Send this to the builder.

  1. *With faced batts make sure the vapor retarder is facing the conditioned interior space, unless building codes specify otherwise.

It is allowed to install vapor retarder at exterior side in warm climates. I don’t think Colorado qualifies as a warm climate. :mrgreen:

If you look closely, each piece is clearly marked with something like “FLAMMABLE - do not leave this paper face exposed.”

I always include a photo of that marking in my report…

Thanks Chris, and Jeff, excellent resource,
especially step 4. :smiley:

and we are indeed in a COLD climate here…

fyi: they can’t just turn it over if a VB is already present at the ceiling and they added this as a 2nd layer

they’d have to verify at entire ceiling before making the decision to “remove VB for proper installation”

most of them that i go back and review are a mess and in worse shape

po’ed work isn’t pretty