Who is going? I’m headed out the 12th and making a week out of it.

We will be there from Sunday to Thursday

I’m heading in Saturday to catch the Eagles perform at the MGM arena. Good stuff.

Wish I could but my boss will not pay for my travel and lodging :frowning: Otherwise I would be there for sure :slight_smile:

My inspector marketing presentation is from 1 to 2:45 PM on Tuesday.

I will be going again this year. I travel down there every few months anyway.

Tax deductible trip for inspectors.

Oh darn, I guess I’ll have to leave my wife at home…

Both Matt and I will be there Saturday through Wednesday. Last year a few inspectors met for dinner…perhaps again?. Probably won’t get Nick to pay again this year…we kind of sandbagged him last year.

I’m getting there Saturday. I’ll like to meet up for dinner.

I’ll be teaching a class on streamlining your business to reduce about 500 hours a year of work, and a class on Home Inspector Pro.

I would like to do dinner. However I wouldn’t be available till Monday as I arrive late on Sunday.

gotta eat every day (at least I do)

Sounds like a good idea.

The wife and I will be there from the 10th - 16th