Vent termination under deck

Home equipped with Buderus Logano g124 gas boiler and the vent pipe terminates directly under the back deck and below the back door. I don’t like the angles of the vent on the interior and I feel it shouldn’t be below a deck or a door. I have attached some pics and would love some help as I am new to this. Thanks in advance.

“A minimum clearance of 18“ is required between the flue pipes and all flammable materials.”

Page 26;

If that is not a direct vent boiler (can’t tell from the pic) it also needs to terminate at least 4 feet below a door.

I’d also check into the B vent clearance from combustibles. It looks like that PVC running perpendicular above is at least 1" away which is the required clearance from combustibles.

That’s not B vent, it is lagging put there by the installer, so maybe not UL or CSA approved. If it is the same boiler as the one Larry posted, it is not direct vent, it should be connected to a chimney as per gas code.

What is “lagging”?