Verizon Wireless Blocked?

I can no longer access with my verizon wireless internet connection. I had to use another service provider to post today. Is anyone else using verizon wireless and having this problem?

I use Verison on my laptop - no problem. . .

It could be your browser and not verizon, for no reason some sites do not open and others do…try clearing your cache and cookies, this may fix your problem.

Pay your bill!!!:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I cannot access even after cleaning my my cache in both Firefox and IE browers

I ran a ping test from my computer and it “times out” after about 13 hops. Not sure if my IP is blocked by or what?

Try system restore .
Also I know you are savy but I never assume .
Try going to tools , internet options , security .

The problem happens with Firefox and IE browsers. The ping test (done from the RUN program will not even get through). My IP is being bocked, it appears.

You need Dominic , but he does not seem to be active.
Maybe I should say he is active.

It is your Identity. Reset your computer Ident. . Firefox does it to me.

What are you talking about? I cannot access with Firefox, Internet Explorer, or with a direct ping test.

John, VW is the only thing I use, and I’m having no problems.
Except for the snail speed, out here in the mtns, with alternating green & red bars . . .:frowning:

I’ve been helping john via email on my cell for the last few hours. It looks like there is a large range of ip addresses currently being blocked. It is definately not his computer as he can connect via proxy. I estimate about 200,000 ip addresses are being blocked right now, maybe more. More than likely it is the internal server firewall (john was probably trying to hack the server, hehehe).


I sat around the other day and made so many post that the firewall thought I was a hostile attack…:slight_smile:

No problem here, I use Verison on my laptop.

I had a problem a few days ago. I could not log onto NACHI for nearly three days from my laptop but could from my daughters and my computer in the office.

After three days it just started working again.

My problem was that I could not access any page on the nachi server.

It is working OK this morning. This is the first time I have ever had this problem.
Glad to be back… :slight_smile:

Welcome back John.


:slight_smile: Thanks. How did you get my picture?..LOL.

Whoops… I am being blocked again. When will this end? It worked good yesterday.