Vertical cracking in reinforced masonry

It is not uncommon to see cracking at exterior walls of reinforced masonry construction due to thermal expansion, but today’s inspection was a bit extreme in that while the crack did not continue to the the slab it did continue through the reinforced bond beam. I’m curious as to how too report. I probably should have taken more pictures too illustrate the condition but I was not thinking about a post at the time. The attached picture is an area between a window that has a reinforced column and an outside corner with a reinforced column. The outside corner is restrained at the top with an adjoining 2nd floor cast in place balcony

Better safe than sorry. Just recommend a structural engineer to evaluate.

Just curious, how do you know it is reinforced concrete?

I use a Zinsco MT6

Truss anchors imbedded into a concrete beam, finished wall thikness 9-1/4", garage door bucks attacde with wedge anchors, and other than that just good ole common construction knowledge. Masonry in Florida must be reinforced

Its not full block and stucco?
I have never heard of reinforced concrete in residential.

That is the beautiful thing about this forum I had never heard of an ice dam until i joined NACHI. I tried to attach a typical reinforcement detail but the file was too large

Email it to me. Go to my web site on the first page.
Here are truss anchors work in block work.