Vertical Roof Decking

Ran into this strange roof decking today. - Has anyone seen where they lay to decking perpendicular to the ridge?

Vertical roof decking.JPG

Vertical roof decking.JPG

Vertical roof decking.JPG

As long as there is no more than 15lb. felt on it I see no load issues.:stuck_out_tongue:

Richard do you have any more photos inside and out side.
There are issues ever where with the deck, venting, and more photos may help to shed some light on a shed or what looks to be a shed roof. A joke Richard.

Did you measure spacing, lumber?

Any load placed on the deck boards may cause a depression in the deck. The deck is suspended in air.

get back with more photos.
All the best.
sorry for the edits all. I am bushed.

Good thing its not in your neck of the woods - this 1926 bungalow would not have lasted to 1927!

No, I did not measure spacing - there is a metal roof covering over this roof, My concern would be that all the load is transferred to the 1X4 slats that the deck is nailed to, and yes there is a space between the deck and the rafters. - Other issues with the roof cover, flashings and what not have caused the buyer to call in a roofer and we have recommended review of the decking as well - just wanted to see what some other thoughts on the subject might be offered.

In the NBC (Canada) there is a clause that allows 38mm x 38mm (2x2) purlins to be installed over the roof josits to allow for interjoist space ventilation. Perhaps the intent was to finish this attic at some point? No mention on spacing but I would assume a typical 12", 16", or 24".

It almost looks like the panels were built on the ground and then lifted onto the roof.

That might be the case for a vaulted roof deck…

How did it feel when you walked it?

The framer/carpenter in some of us know with a little bounce, eh?:smiley:

Yep! A little bounce is OK. It’s when you go down, but instead of coming back up you continue down through the roof that your day takes a turn for the worse. :mrgreen::mrgreen: