Video on Roof Inspection Course

Hey guys,

So I took the exam online to find my weaknesses and one of them is on roof inspections. So I’m half way through the class on my laptop but, with all the reading and writing of notes its getting dull. Right now I’m at roof coverings and just wanna know if there a video I can watch on this class so I can put what I learned so far and see it as well? Also is there a book I can buy for my class that I can read when I’m at work during the daytime. Right now I’m taking my classes after work for two hours a day at the most and keeping my eyes awake is hard. LOL

Thanks again! James

Check this out James & hang in there! :cowboy_hat_face:


Discount code should work: InterNACHI


Thanks!! I just ordered the book with your discounted code. :slight_smile:

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