Vinyl siding

Has anyone ever done a Quality of workmanship for vinyl siding. I’ve had a call where this individual is wanting an inspection of the work completed on his vinyl siding. If so what was the charge and how was your agreement set up.

Good question. Excellent question.
You can use your INACHI agreement.

Break it down. Yes you do. No you do not.

“Yes you do.” Insure you know what you are doing.
He is asking for a reason. RIGHT?
Set expectation before hand.
The client is always right, RIGHT? Insure his inaccuracies will be blanked with protection by your abilities.

A.) Just a report on manufactures recommendations? Observe, note and report on manufactures recommendations!!!
Cost=50% plus a normal inspection fee.
see if he/she need auxiliary services when you read them the report at the end!

B.) IMO…Find out why. Issues in workmanship may end up in litigation. Be prepared. Not an issue when you feel you can meet the objectives.
Do a through inspection. Interior and all surrounding components. Anything that comes into contact with the siding.
Remember water finds its own level and shear forces can carry weather ( blown in RH and liquid) deep into a structure at the open intersections. Penetrations and protrusions are also a source of issues at times.
Floor and ceiling.**
Cost 80% or more of an inspection. Tell them why? You are saving them money at time.** Water damage is a costly thing that takes a long time to get settled.
Know what you are doing.

IMO move along if you feel you can not provide the service he needs.
Get his email address and offer him a “free limited exterior ground and lot maintenance inspection.” for not being able to help. Tell him you have other obligations.