Virginia NRS Requirement

Anyone know where/how to get this?

A person without the New Residential Structure (NRS) designation will be prohibited by law from conducting home inspections of new residential structures. NOTE: Although this restriction was originally slated to become effective this summer, legislation from the 2016 Session pushed the date forward one year to July 1, 2017.

They have not provided a course for this yet

Ok, thanks. I got my Pink notice yesterday.

I hope they soon release something. Business in that sector is picking up for me. Had to decline one yesterday because the house won’t start until July 1. Wonder if we could do “quality control” inspections/consultations?

The course is out there. Email a Paul at He can give you details.

quite frankly, they did not have the course ready nearly in time. If I get a call for a new house, I am going to do it.