Say’s it all, IMO. :wink:

Thank you for your suggestion but i am trying to learn as well. I found these questions very tough that’s why i asked for you guys help.


My bad… you are correct…

Thanks again, i tried to look it online as well but I couldn’t find any realitive answer. The exam makers think the right answer is A and I don’t think so, that’s why I asked for your help.

The resistive portion of the graphic suggests an external force outside of Ohm’s Law… IMHO.

Thank you sir

Thank you this is very helpful!!

Sometimes people read too much into a graphic which is intended to express in a simplistic manner a basic concept.

Highly appreciated !!!

I would be careful…I am not sure (and you would know more about that than me) I doubt some of the moderators over at that forum would permit his questions based on his prospective title.

I have answered your question in a Private Message. If you need any additional assistance just let me know.

In my response I have not just answered your question…but I have taught you how to fish so that you can always feed yourself as well my friend. Good Luck !