What does voltage measure ?

a. electrical pressure
b. electrical power
c. electrical flow
d. alternating current.


Answer Removed … I do not think he is worth the aggravation .

Voltage” doesn’t “measure” anything. That’s my multi-meter’s job! :razz:

I don’t see how that user is going to ever learn for their exam when rather than read and learn for themselves (when possible) they instead just repeatedly start new threads on here simply asking for the answer.

Yeah I didn’t know that this was a homework answer forum. :roll:

Not only that but he posted the question at
6/25/16, 6:21 AM and looked at 6/44 AM and has not been back since .

Just mind your own business !!!

Thank you for your suggestion!! I am only asking those questions which i found tough.

Fine with me you are the one who needs help . I wish you well .

It looks like you have nothing else to do except commenting at my posts… :smiley:
By the way i am paying my dues on time and I think i have all the rights to ask anything regarding home inspections using this platform. I guess you were born as HI and never ever asked for any help !!

Stop discriminating against the learners and newcomers!!!

See this string I recommend you read it .

May be you have helped them in their hard times but not me !! Your initial reply was not helpful or motivating. Again Mr.roy, I only ask those questions which I found extremely tough !! If you guys don’t have the answer for this question then how can a student like me would answer it ?

I tried to show you how to get the answer and looks to me like you did not follow up. Having me answer your school questions is no help.
I am a retired Electrician and a retired Home inspector .
I have seen a lot and mentored many .
I expect you will be a 90% newbie home inspector .
I wish you well and will let you do your things .

Since you’re a student may I suggest a more suitable forum for you to learn. This is a forum for professional home inspectors, you may join us over at Mike Holt's Forum to help you to learn more.

Disclaimer: I’m the Chief Moderator at MikeHolt so I may be somewhat biased but we always welcome students who want to learn. :smiley:

You know why i said “Mind Your own business” because you are the one who was complaining about me that I asked the question at 6:24 and looked back at 6:44 and never come back… What You know about me ? Why i did that ?
I go to work from 3 pm to 3am, then I come home and study for couple hours, then go to sleep. I have a big family to support so I hardly get time during the day. I am not forcing anyone to reply, it’s pretty simple if you have the answer then reply otherwise don’t insult learners. I thought joinng internachi will help me but its not…


I know but the national home inspectiors exam makers doesn’t think that way. The right answer is “Electric pressure” according to them. But I don’t think so & thats y I asked you guys.

Voltage, do an internet search on Ohm’s Law… very informative.:wink:

“The best way to explain these terms is to compare them to water. Voltage (V) is the potential for energy to move and is equivalent to water pressure. Current (I) is a rate of flow and is measured in amps. Ohms ® is a measure of resistance and is equivalent to the water pipe size.
What does Volts, Amps, Ohms, and Watts mean?

quote from: http://www.mrsolar.com/what-does-volts-amps-ohms-and-watts-mean/

You can be much more informative than that, you just choose not to be!