W.H. expansion tank not located at heater

60 year old house recently completely remodeled. Water heater located in small closet in finished basement…10 feet away in another small closet the water lines enter and leave going through a water filter and an attached water heater expansion tank in the process…I’ve never seen an expansion tank before that was not located at the heater…Is this permissible? photos below


  1. The location selected should be indoors in an area not subject
    to freezing.

  2. The items which should be installed in sequence in the cold
    water line are (1) the EXPANSION TANK must be installed
    at least 18 inches away from the cold water inlet fitting on
    the water heater, (2) the PRESSURE GAUGE, and (3) the
    PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE, if required, see Figure 1.

  3. The expansion tank is designed to be supported by the system
    piping in the vertical position.

  4. The expansion tank, pipes and your connections may, in time
    leak. Put the expansion tank in a place where a water leak will
    not damage anything. The expansion tank should be located
    in an area where water leakage from the tank or connections
    will not result in damage to the area around the expansion tank
    or to the lower floors of the structure.

Check Model and Manufactures Instructions as the one above, it could vary.