Walkthrough Inspection

Hello everyone. I was curious what you guys are charging for a no report walkthrough. I’m in Ohio and I’m thinking $150.

Full price. I am not kidding. They are still receiving all of your expertise and taking up an inspection time slot.


I do the same as Master Brian.


FYI - As of July 1st so called walk & talk inspections will be illegal in Ohio, that is of course unless you’re doing them for free.

Don’t take my word for it, call the State and ask them.

Ohio Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing Home Page


Yep, forgot about that.

What if the walk and talk provides the buyer with a partial report at the end? I’ll have to call the board I suppose.

If you provide a report then it’s not really a walk & talk. :wink:

But doing a “partial inspection” or providing a “partial report” as I understand it would not comply with the law as it’s written. All inspection reports must include the following:

The inspection was performed as defined in Ohio Revised Code Section 4764.01(C) and this report is written in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 4764 and rules adopted thereunder.

I would still encourage you to call the state Todd and would ask you to chime back in here with their answer.

Below find the SOP & COE for licensed home inspectors in Ohio.

OH Inspector StandardsofPractice.pdf (34.0 KB)

canons of ethics 1.pdf (17.7 KB)

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Maybe it’s something the state didn’t think of. Not every buyer wants a complete inspection anyway. Most do but there are some who only want certain things looked at.

It is no longer an inspection, it is a consult. I am not in your state but I am also curious how they handle that.

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I’m doing a lot of these although I don’t call them a “Walk-Through Inspection.” Walk-Through Consultation. 1 hour and half the price of an inspection. If they win the bid, I still charge full price for the complete inspection.


I am doing a walk through tonight. Easy money.

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I am not sure how this is supposed to be handled in Illinois but this state is insane with how they handle home inspections in general. If anyone has any insight on Illinois walk and talk please hit me up.

Here’s a good article on the subject that I just received.