wall cracked at top only?

Fourty five year old nonreinforced block structure 1100 Sq.ft . The top 2 course of blocks are deflected from the wall plane approx. 1/4" at all four corners (some worse than others). The south wall of the building has a stairstep crack down to a window but the wall near the ground shows little evidence of settlement. I was at this property today but didn’t do the inspection because the water was locked off. Sorry, no photos what do you think could be causing this? Spalling from rebar in top block maybe?

If I’m understanding your description(s), my first thought may start with what hit, or possibly lifted the structure off the foundation. I’ll be interested to read what you find.

Brian, is this a hip roof by any chance? could be roof settlement pushing out the Hip Beams.



Yes, my thoughts, too. Hip rafters being pushed out…

Any pictures?

Thanx for the input guys, I recommended further eval. I don’t want to waste anymore braincells on this one. The underslab piping was galvanized the water co. unlocked the meter then turned it off due to leakage. (I turned it on then off too it is leaking where the pipe connects to the water heater.) So I recommended replumbing all the water supply lines. Roof was shot with active leakage and signifcant wood rot to structural components (partially caved in) at back corner, obvious moisture intrusion and mold like substances. Converted carport has grade issues and termite activity and the pass through from the living room to this family room they created out of the carport has the old block at the cieling supported by a 2by8 on the flat which is bowed and deflected about a 1/2" due to the weight. The A/C ducts are damaged and the condensing unit and air handler don’t respond to thermostat commands. The upgraded electrical panel is in the kitchen over the range(needs to be moved). The ground wire is attached to a bathroom shower pipe with a hose clamp…real pros on that job! The purchaser is going back asking the bank to reduce the price by $5,000.00 based on the report. That makes his new offer $25,000.00. This may have been the highest percentage of puchase price inspection I have ever done.