Want to live & work in Beautiful Bend Oregon - Central Oregon?

Looking for a licensed Home Inspector who would like to own a 20 plus year established inspection franchise (Residential & Commercial) in Bend Oregon or someone who would like to be trained and work for this established inspection franchise. For more information, please call or text 541-419-5770.

I’m not interested, but I wanted to comment to maybe help, as I love the PNW…

I lived in, (20 years), and began my inspection busness in the Vancouver/Portland market, and have passed through Bend many a time. I can attest to it’s beauty, but it is for a certain type of person.

For those wondering about this comment… the phone number posted relates to this Franchise, (which is important IMO)… https://www.brickkicker.com/

Are you using this as your company website? The one shown on the CMI website goes to BK, not you personally.
I only mention all this as interested parties will be curious and most don’t like calling blind numbers, It’s kind of like parking your car that’s for sale on the best corner in town with a For Sale sign, a phone number, and NO information. Unless the car is exactly what I am looking for, I generally will NEVER call. If you can’t be botherd, neither can I.
Just sayin’.
Good luck!