Warped siding

I believe the cause of this warping in the siding is caused by the sun shining off the rubber roof below the siding. The siding was replaced once before and it has happened again. It is not because it is nailed too tightly. What would be a fix for this if any?

Paint the flat roof with cool-seal or elastomeric roof coating white in color and it should help to deflect the uv rays and lower the roof temp. A lot of white roofs in Fl and cool seal helps keep cooler.jmo

That will keep the roof surface cooler but all that reflected energy has to go somewhere, possibly making the issue worse. There is a study available (mentioned here www.carlislesyntec.com/download.aspx?id=4345) that shows the air temperature above the roof surface increases with a reflective roof.

They could try raising the flashing height (aka replace the siding with the more heat tolerant metal flashing), or install a decorative cover over the siding in that area like trellis. Perhaps place a row of concrete pavers along the wall?

Thats a good article
It just goes to show you that after 25 years of using a product, and it working fine that some one can do a study print it in Feb of 2013 and everything we have always gone by is now crap.