Washington HI licensing information from DOL

PO Box 9020*** Ÿ ***Olympia, Washington 98507-9020

There are fewer than two weeks for you to qualify for the grandfather clause as an experienced home inspector.

Below is essential information for experienced and newer home inspector to qualify for the home inspector exam to get licensed.


** To qualify for the experienced home inspector exam, you must submit:**

  1.   100 home inspections
  2.   Documentation of two years in the home inspection business before June 12, 2008 which can include

o Master business licenses
o Tax records from the Department of Revenue
o Structural pest inspector licenses
o Bonding or insurance policies
3. Home Inspector Exam Application available at http://www.dol.wa.gov/forms/625004.pdf.

You must submit your pass reports and license application by September 1 to the Department of Licensing (DOL).


To qualify for the newer home inspector exam, you must submit:

  1.   120 hours of board approved home inspector fundamentals education
  2.   40 hours of field training from an experienced home inspector.
  3.   Home Inspector Exam Application available at [http://www.dol.wa.gov/forms/625002.pdf](http://www.dol.wa.gov/forms/625002.pdf).

You can continue to practice as a newer home inspector, but you cannot advertise yourself as a “licensed home inspector.”

As a newer home inspector, you have until July 1, 2010 to submit your exam pass reports and license application.


After passing your home inspector exam, submit your exam pass reports obtained at the testing site, your $680 licensing fee and your license application available at http://www.dol.wa.gov/forms/625003.pdf to DOL.

The Department of Licensing has a policy of providing equal access to its services.
If you need special accommodation, please call (360) 902-3600 or TTY (360) 664-8885.

Department of Licensing
Home Inspector Unit
P O Box 9048
Olympia WA 98507
(360) 664-6487

Waiting to take exam…anyone take it yet or have they not issues any test dates?? Just glad my 680.00 and app is over with:)

Maybe this will put low ballers out of business so we can get the prices back up where they should be!

There are only 8 days left before licensing takes effect. If anyone has not turned in their application to test along with their proof of being in business since at least June 12, 2006 and a list of their 100 home inspections, they are quickly running out of time.

This is a State agency. If you mail something tomorrow, it won’t get to the State for 2, 3 or 4 days. They have to approve the information and mail back your approval to test. They will not even let you in the test facility without that letter from the State.

You must then schedule, take and pass the NHIE and State test and turn those two sheets into the State along with the $680. The license is issued a couple days after that.

Time is about out. If anyone hasn’t started the process, you better start tonight. Drive the information to the State. If you trust the mail, you may just run out of time.

If you do run out of time and fail to get everything completed and turned into the State prior to Sept 1, you will be required to take the 120 hour classroom course, 40 hour field training and then take the test. During that time you will be able to inspect but you will not be able to advertise. No websites, no ads, no business cards, no NACHI search engine results, and every other licensed profession (i.e. Realtors) will not be able to refer business to you or they will be fined and their license possibly suspended.

Good luck everyone. Licensing is upon us.

You guys still sitting at around 30 something licenses?

As of 2 days ago, 303 had applied statewide.

Is that about what you expected?

Stephen writes:

Nope. Incorrect. Read 18.280.020. Just because a person who was an inspector on June 12, 2008 has until July 1, 2010 to apply without meeting the instruction and training requirements, doesn’t mean he can inspect after Sept 9, 2009 without a license.

Just pulled the numbers again. Make that 316.

Nick, in regards to that law, it is RCW 18.235.130 Item (9).

(9) Aiding or abetting an unlicensed person to practice or operate a business or profession when a license is required

As a licensed home inspector, it would be the same for me. If I have a 30 year retired plumber that I have referred work to, if he did not renew his license, I can no longer refer business to him or risk a fine and suspension of my license.

If you are found guilty of Unprofessional Conduct, the following applies. Same RCW, Item (1)

(1) Upon finding unprofessional conduct, the disciplinary authority may issue an order providing for one or any combination of the following:

 (a) Revocation of the license for an interval of time;

 (b) Suspension of the license for a fixed or indefinite term;

 (c) Restriction or limitation of the practice;

 (d) Satisfactory completion of a specific program of remedial education or treatment;

 (e) Monitoring of the practice in a manner directed by the disciplinary authority;

 (f) Censure or reprimand;

 (g) Compliance with conditions of probation for a designated period of time;

 (h) Payment of a fine for each violation found by the disciplinary authority, not to exceed five thousand dollars per violation. The disciplinary authority must consider aggravating or mitigating circumstances in assessing any fine. Funds received must be deposited in the related program account;

 (i) Denial of an initial or renewal license application for an interval of time; or

 (j) Other corrective action.

The part you are wrong about is where you said he could still inspect, but not advertise.


Read 18.280.020. Just because a person who was an inspector on June 12, 2008 has until July 1, 2010 to apply without meeting the instruction and training requirements, doesn’t mean he can inspect after Sept 9, 2009 without a license.

Stephen, do you know if the entire board is also misreading the law?

You are wrong Nick. I have been in weekly contact with the DOL and the ruling from the AG is they can still inspect during that time. But try to conduct business with no advertising, no website, no business cards, no referrals.

The Board does not interpret the law. The DOL with rulings from the AG are charged with interpretation.

Do you have their misinterpretation in writing or is it just hearsay?

Tell your AG that Nick Gromicko says he/she is incorrect.

Nick, Besides those that meet the grandfather requirements, there are two other levels of inspectors.

  1. Those that were inspecting when the law was passed on June 12, 2008 but did not meet the grandfather levels.

  2. Those that were not inspecting on June 12, 2008 but have started since that date.

Inspectors in #1 above have until July 2010 to take their classes, field training and pass the tests. They may continue to inspect until that time but may not advertise as in previous posts.

Inspectors in #2 above must meet all requirements by September 1, 2009 or cease operations in full.

Those that meet the grandfather levels but fail to make application, test and pay the license fee by September 1, 2009, may also continue to inspect until July 2010 BUT, they must then take all the classes, field training and testing and also are not able to advertise etc. after September 1st.

You can try to interpret our laws all you want. I would suggest that you contact Rhonda Myers who is in charge of the Home Inspector program for the DOL. This has been hashed over many many times by those of us who live in the State. The AG has issued written interpretations and the DOL is using those as a basis for their rulings. You can reach Rhonda directly at (360) 664-6487

You can also find this information at the Home Inspector website set up by the DOL.



If that were true you’d be able to quote the section of the law that says that.

I can find no section of the law that treats “engaging or conducting” differently than “holding oneself out or advertising.” In fact, the two don’t appear in the law at all, other than together in the same sentence.

I’m right, the board is wrong.

Due diligence. Perform your own.

You can call the State of Washington.
You can write the State of Washington.

Until that time, you don’t know our law.
You have not been to any state hearings.
You have not been to any state board meetings.

You can try to interpret all you want, but you have no standing in regards to the law as interpreted by the State Attorney General.

Just remember when you attempt to press your point and start telling everybody they are wrong, especially those in the DOL and the AG’s office, those are the same people that will be approving or disapproving any and all NACHI continuing education courses.

One more time. It is NOT the board making these rulings.