waste line over panel box

I was doing a home inspection on a new home (not finished yet). The waste line is running directly over the main panel box. Is this ok I’ve never seen it before and I cant fined any info on it. I know its not ok under ground but not sure in the home.

Phillip, Here are the exceptions,then I will read the code. If they are going to install a suspended ceiling between the pipe and panel, then it would be okay. If they are going to install protection to avoid damage to the panel from condensation, leaks or breaks from the pipe, then it would be okay. I would ask the AHJ about the leak protection first. If not here is the code. 110.26 (F) (1)a-Dedicated Electrical Space- The space equal to the width and depth of the equipment and extending from the floor to a height of 6 feet above the equipment or to the structual ceiling, whichever is lower, shall be dedicated to the electrical installation. No piping,ducts, leak protection apparatus, or other equipment foreign to the electrical installation shall be located in this zone. I have chased plumbers out of that area a few times in the past. I tell them that they can move their pipes now, or after a failed inspection, move it later. Hope this helps Rick

Rick thanks for the help

Here’s the section that Rick touched on:

A suspended ceiling is permitted in the dedicated space but does not remove the prohibition for other foreign system within the 6’ zone. In other words you cannot have a foreign piping system in the dedicated space simply because it’s hidden by the ceiling. Condensation or leak protection is permitted if the foreign piping is directly above the 6’ dedicated space.

My guys fail electricians on this daily…My space fella…so get those plumin pipes out of it.