Watch InterNACHI member inspect on HGTV Show, "My First Place" !

Watch InterNACHI member Stephen Hill of inspect a San Francisco property on the HGTV show My First Place, this coming Tuesday, March 15 at 9 pm.

Congrats Stephen!

Maybe he will give a plug for InterNachi.

I hope he doesn’t. If he has a chance… he should mention his company, not InterNACHI. InterNACHI is about pushing for members, not the other way around. InterNACHI doesn’t offer services to consumers.

Exactly why I don’t see many if any inspections from the INACHI inspector engines :wink: The public has very little clue about us. I understand your position Nick, your a inspector based business however when it comes to your referral engines we need all the advertising to the public we can get. May not be on your priority list but it is on ours.

I think it would be nice for someone other then members or those in the business, to know about or at least hear of InterNACHI.

Great job, Stephen!
My inspection company used to run 30-sec spot ads during HGTV local shows. Very popular. Very effective.

(and generates visitors, not conversions. A website has to make visitors convert into clients.)

You must be CMI… :wink: :roll:

No Nick will promote them with multi-million dollar ad campaigns.:roll:

When Meeker gets a call, you betchu the customer will get the best low ball deal. Even if the house is 10,000 Sq-Ft Meeker will inspect for next to nothing. Easey!!
The Meeketr deal! No complications!!

That’s what I was hinting.

OIC :wink: