Water Heater capacity

New construction today (3200sf) with 3 full baths and a powder. The master has a garden tub. A State 50 gallon gas water heater is all that is installed. According to the sizing chart from the manufacturers website this home, which will house 5 people, should have at least two 40 gallon units. Is there any way to hold the builders feet to the fire other than directing the buyer to the manufacturer recommendations?

Check with your state/local Health Department for local regulations.

There were 5 of us growing up and we had one 40 gallon electric.

I don’t see an issue. Just let them know the capacity and they can decide for themselves. State just wants to sell more water heaters.

Oh…there are 5 in my family now. We have 2.5 baths and a spa tub. One 48 gallon electric is what we have.

We’re smart enough to not take baths at the same time.