Water heater drain tube opening 6" above the floor?

Does this look ok for 2 TPRV drain tubes coming from tanklees water heatersDSCN3041 DSCN3038 DSCN3040 s water heaters ??

For most of my service area, yes it is acceptable, BUT….

The PEX must be secured with strapping as to avoid “whipping” in the event of discharge!

(I am also assuming the PEX is 3/4" minimum I/D).

check the red data rings on the valves
should be prv & not tprv @ isolation valves
regardless as JJ said 3/4" required & properly secured

Two 90 degree turns is approved? Doesn’t each of those 90 degree fittings reduce the pipe diameter?

Nope, I’m wrong. It’s the diameter if the outlet that can’t be reduced, not the diameter of the pipe. What Barry said.