Water Heater in Crawlspace,,

Water heater in crawlspace is on the ground, I wrote should be on pad to avoid rusting, builder says show me where it says that in the code, Help, can’t find code,


On the ground…3 inch pedestal (concrete,etc.) 1305.1.4.1 (IRC) 510.6 (UPC) (PG 21 of Plumbing Code Check) I recommend you checking it out for yourself and read the entire section before you present it. Remember, we are not code inspectors and should avoid quoting codes but in this case he “asked” you to produce it. Be nice!

I pulled it up on my CD-ROM and it applies to any appliances placed on the ground. Could not cut and paste as it is PDF protected CD.

Who is the manufacturer? This installation manual says the water heater must be installed INDOORS. http://www.americanwaterheater.com/support/manuals/res-gas.pdf