Water heater question...

damn, that’s gotta be frustrating, Russ! How about laying it out like you said? The temp will raise 20 degrees warmer than incoming water, of about 70 degrees. 90 degrees temp on your 98 degree body will not feel warm, but the manuf of this POS says its normal…

Russ, hot water, as defined by the FBC, is 110F or above. See http://ecodes.biz/ecodes_support/free_resources/2010Florida/Residential/10FL_Residential.html
Then P2801.1 for the requirements, and go to definition and look at, Hot water.
Hope this helps.


most states or cities have minimum housing standards that a landlord must comply with

i use 120ºF as a baseline unless i’m aware of lesser

let them search for a lesser standard so they can sell their pos

You guys are outstanding. I re read the plumbing code book and no where does it give me a definition of what “hot water” specifically is.

It is very vague and up to the interpretation of the reader.

Sucks, I don’t really have a leg to stand on in writing. Once again, I thought common sense would prevail. I guess not.

I am truly thankful that you took time away from your life’s to assist me, speaks volumes of the organization and its people…

I would approach the question differently.

A water heater is operating correctly when it brings the water to a set temperature.

With a thermostat that has a range of 57 to 160 degrees, a water heater is operating correctly if it brings the water to 57 degrees when it is set to that temperature. When it is set to 160 degrees and can only bring the temperature to 145 degrees, although the water is “hot”, the water heater is not working correctly.

many city tenancy laws require a minimum of 120°F

i say inspect from the eye that the property will be a rental…it may 1 day

Florida Department of Health & their Food Hygiene regs
“Hot Water – means water heated to a minimum temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit (°F).”

Sean Harding found it for me…its 110 degrees. It is under definitions for hot water. Thanks Sean for the help and your not even a member…

Agree, but what it it only has a “hot and Hotter” selection and does not give an exact temperature"…

Thanks for the info, very helpful and its always a good thing to look at items from a different perspective, much appreciated.

Advise them to call the county health department for a professional opinion that the others can’t dispute!!!

My guess is that you are right…