Water Heater Wows

According to the Department of Energy (DoE) your water heater uses approximately 13% of the average utility bill and here are a few ways that you could save a couple of those dollars.

  1. If your water heater is over 15 years old you should consider upgrading to a more efficient unit. There are several types of water heaters to choose from; Electric, Gas, Tankless, Heat Pump, Solar, etc. Upgrading to a gas unit is a great option, but a new EnergyStar rated electric unit could save you a significant amount on your electric bill, anywhere from 10% to 50%. You can visit www.engerystar.gov for more information upgrading. A gas (tank) water heater is a very good option, not to mention the fact that if the power goes out you can still get that hot shower in the morning. You can call the City of Tallahassee Utility’s Department at (850)891-4968 or go to www.talgov.com/you/you-products-home-energy-audit and schedule an energy audit or to get more information on energy savings options.
  2. Drain your unit once a year to clean out the calcium and lime deposits; this can save you approximately $2 to $3 per month. Theses minerals will solidify (settle out and become hard) around your lower heating element and it will slowly loose capacity and efficiency. Regular maintenance can extend the life span of your water heater.
  3. Adding a timer on your water heater can save you $6 to $10 a month depending on the cost of your electricity.
  4. Lower the temperature setting to 125 degrees. This can save you another $2 to $4 per month depending on your original temperature setting. Do not set below 120 degrees, this may allow bacteria to grow inside your water heater.

There are several other ways to save a little more money here and there when it comes to your water heater; adding low flow shower heads, fixing leaks right away, even taking shorter showers can save you money. If you follow only couple of these suggestions listed above you could save $120.00 to $204.00 a year, and over the normal life span of your water heater that’s a savings of $1,200.00 to $2040.00 over ten years. Now I don’t know about you but that sounds good to me. I’m James Pace of Guardian Home Inspections & Repairs, Inc., and I’m inviting you to call me at (850) 508-3948, or go to our website at www.GuardianInspects.com

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Please wait till I think after April 1 new more efficient tanks will be out ,
Second Canada rules are water must be kept above140° F to stop legionnaires disease . You need a tempering valve to lower the water temp to below 120° f to stop people from being burnt .
We keep our Tank at 140° F and the tap temp at 108°F

Water heater manufacturers are ready for new residential efficiency standards
That lesson is particularly important as installers prepare for a dramatic shift in the water heating market. On April 16, 2015, manufacturers will stop making their least efficient water heater models. As with many other changes to codes and standards, the minimum standards enacted by the U.S. Department of Energy bring both challenges and opportunities for installers.
Water heater product lines will shift towards more efficient models. Water heaters above 55 gallons will likely use gas condensing or electric heat pump technology. At the same time, the way energy use is described will be revised.
The new “Uniform Efficiency Descriptor” will update the Energy Factor (EF) measurement and make it easier to compare residential water heaters with small commercial models (which currently use Thermal Efficiency, or TE). These changes are driving innovation as water heater manufacturers develop new ways to heat water efficiently and minimize wasteful heat loss.


I think OHIO has the same requirements on temp must be at 140°F

OBC Changes - November 2004
**Maximum Hot Water Temperature All Residential Uses
Ontario Building Code Change (Ontario Regulation 23/04) **
The Ontario Building Code has been amended to specify that the maximum hot water temperature supplied to fixtures in residential occupancies shall not exceed 49 degrees Celsius. This provision came into effect September 1, 2004 but do not apply to projects where:

  1.           A building permit has been issued by that date; or 
  2.           The working drawings, plans and specifications are substantially completed before September 1, 2004 and a building permit has been submitted before December 1, 2004. 

**What does this mean? **
**1. What type of work requires a building permit? **
Under the Ontario Building Code Act, any material alteration to a building or building system requires a permit. The replacement of a hot water tank, alterations to an existing plumbing system of the replacement of any hot water faucet requires a mandatory control to ensure the outlet temperature does not exceed 49 degrees Celsius. Therefore, a permit is required for this type of work.
**2. Do I need a permit if I am doing maintenance work to an existing water distribution system? **
Routine maintenance is not covered under the Ontario Building Code. No permit is required.
**3. What are the options for complying with the new regulation? **
· Installation of pressure-balanced or thermostatic-mixing shower valves for shower heads and an anti-scald device at each hot water faucet
· Installation of an anti-scald mixing valve at the outlet of the water heater to lower the temperature to 49 degrees C
· Installation of a water heater with an integral anti-scald device
**4. How and when enforcement will start after December 1, 2004? **
After December 1, 2004, this will be a requirement for any building permit issued. The hot water system must have in place devices to limit water temperatures to 49 degrees C. This can either occur at the hot water tank or by controlling valves on the fixtures. It is assumed for any permit issued prior to December 1, 2004, that working drawings, plans and specifications were substantially complete before September 1, 2004.

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