Water on nails in attic

On a inspection yesterday, in the attic many of the roofing shingle nails that protruded through the roof decking had water dripping off them. I have never seen this in our area before and was looking for a opinion. Although it had roof and soffit vents I would suspect inefficient attic ventilation and bath fans were exhausted in the attic. It was cold and snow on the roof at the time of inspection which is unusual for us this time of year. The nails that were dripping were towards the peak of the attic space. Just wondering if anyone has seen this before. Thanks

Yes frequently and you are correct it is usually Bath room exhaust into attic …

Good call

Inside the home, several gallons of water (in the form of vapor) are produced on a daily basis from not only the bathroom … but many other activities that include cooking, cleaning and even the breathing of the occupants. This vapor is contained within the warm air that bypasses into the attic space through a variety of openings and then will condense in the cooler attic.

Bathroom fans exhausting into the attic is only one source. Recommend to your client that they have, at some point in the future, a complete diagnostic energy audit to help them quantify and locate the air that is leaving the conditioned air space and finding its way into the attic.

Great thanks for the help!!!

Some times here when the attic gets cold enough there will be enough moisture put into the attic that you will see ice on the nails and frost on the sheathing. Those fans need to go out of the house for sure. Then they can have the audit.

Was the home occupied?