Water under basement floor slab

Need some help or advise on how to write up.

Last inspection was a 28 year old 2 storey with a full basement.
There was no evidence of moisture and was dry at time of inspection.
When I opened the floor hatch to a waste cleanout I noticed water pooled around the pipe in the gravel. There was no apparent leak in the area to be seen and the water was pooling under the poured concrete floor. We have had considerable rain in the past 2 weeks. The home has a hot tub and jacuzzi and all other normal fixtures. Is this a normal occurance that I have not encountered before or a real problem?
Any help would be appreciated.


Allan - It could be that the water table has risen due to the recent rains. My neighbor across the street has the same problem. His house was built on a site that contained an above-ground spring. His sump pump runs all the time, but especially during rains. Does your house have a sump installed? They might consider it if not. That might mean installing interior drain tile along the water-pressure wall(s) - not cheap, but beats a flood every rain, and the associated moisture problems.

Here in VA, an in-ground basement now requires a sump pump. Don’t know about there, but water pressure from underneath can eventually encroach into the basement through floor penetrations and/or where the slab meets the foundation footer. It also might just be in the spot you noticed it! Hard to say.

Also, here in VA the waste clean outs are up the wall a ways - 20 - 30" or so. There is also one in the front yard on new construction. I have never seen a hatch in the floor. If it isn’t entering the house through that hatch there isn’t yet it seems there isn’t enough pressure or table rise. Ever entered before?