Water under roof vent

I have a client that has moisture untrr a roof vent in Michigan. Any idea what could be causing this?

Kinda vague but maybe blowing rain or snow?

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I’m guessing box or ridge vent, as opposed to turbine or power vents.

I’ve seen leaks at both box and ridge vents over the years, many times it’s because they weren’t propery flashed, but I’ve also seen joint straps on ridge vents loose or missing that leaves a gap allowing water to enter, another culprit could be a damaged vent frame.

This would be a job for a roofer to figure out and fix.

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poor placement of the vent could allow wind driven rain or snow to enter…poor installation of the vent could allow leaks…any pictures that might help ???

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Critters love to enter the house through the vents check the area for chewed vents.


Just a thought because we have so little information. If the soffit vents are blocked, this will increase negative pressure compared to the interior of the building resulting moist/warm air being drawn up from the heated space into the attic. This creates a potential for additional moisture in the attic space (as well as heat loss) which may condensate on the sheathing along the ridge vent.

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Post pics of the vent, where exactly is the water “under” located? It could simply be leaking. Why is he contacting you and not a roofer?