We released a new Asphalt Shingle Inspection online 21-part video training series.

Free Inspecting Asphalt Shingle Roofs online video training course.](http://www.nachi.org/inspecting-asphalt-shingle-roof-online-video-course.htm)

21 online training videos
21 quizzes
14,500-word student book
90-question final exam (drawn from a larger pool)
Printable Certificate of Completion
8 CE hours

Free for members.

Your the King Mate!!

That phrase still confuses me.
When I see them for sale in health food stores right next to the TOFU, I will start calling them organic.
Nice course Nick.
Truly helpful.
CertinTeedhas some useful material to.

More, free, online video training courses coming.


I just finished the course…and incredible amount of material.

It was very well done, excellent job!


You need to thank, Kenton. He worked long and hard on the roofing courses from what I understand.

Thank you Kenton.
I know you are a modest man that helps educate all the INACHI members…
You never post bravado, unbiased to the end and nerve stray into conflicts of interest like yours truly.

I should mirror myself to be more like you.

I should have realized you were responsible for all that effort.
You are the asphalt roofing guru that I have not heard from for awhile.
Its because you had your nose to the grind stone again.

Thank you from all the MCIQ members and from myself.
I will work harder to model myself from examples you set.

Your the KING MATE!!

Thank you Kenton for all that you do.
By the way I really like the hammer moves!!
Good job everyone involved.

Thank you guys! I started writing the script three years ago this past December. I’ve got something around 2500 hours into this set of roof videos. There’s more to come.
The information came from:

  • contractors
  • material retailers
  • material manufacturers
  • roof consultants
  • the insurance industry
  • quarry operators
  • code books
  • material data sheets
  • installation booklets
  • technical books from the CU engineering library

The photos came from driving around Boulder and Denver, CO, and parts of coastal CA, along with a few contributions from inspectors across the US.
Although these are comprehensive, they are actually somewhat shortened versions. The full versions that will allow graduates to use the InterNACHI Certified Roof Inspector designation will be out later this summer.

Still, you’ll find information in here that you won’t find anywhere else, like a clear explanation of batch problems with asphalt shingles.

I don’t post as often as I used to. I’m working on developing inspection industries in Australia, South America, and the UK, and that involves a lot of writing for the websites.

I hope you got a pay-scale adjustment for all your hard work.