Weather-Proofing + Cats

Hey guys,

This is a complete non-NACHI question. I live in an old, 18th centrury brick row house in Philly that hasn’t seen a ton of work done to it. Needless to say, it’s pretty drafty, so I’m starting my weather-proofing process for the winter. We’ve traditionally used that stick-on window film to block the window drafts, but since we adopted two cats, the film hasn’t lasted a day, let alone a winter. I’m trying to think of some sort of creative way to seal those windows without turning to thick shades that will block all the light (the cats don’t seem to mind curtains/blinds). Have any of you come across any good solutions to this problem, either out on an inspection or in your own home? I’m thinking about doing something with plexiglass, but I’m curious about other solutions…


There is a temporary caulk material made for weather-proofing. It stays in place for the winter and you peel it away in the spring. I don’t know if the cats would mess with it though.

It does not work as well as the plastic but cuts down on drafts.

Personally I would recommend using the plastic and disposing of the cats (only in a safe, humane manner, however).

Hi Chris,

I would go with the plexiglass after doing as much as you can with caulking to reduce drafts, I would also use caulking with the plexiglass.

Or move to Florida for the winter :wink:



Get a dog instead of a cat.

Get a dog to chase the cat away from the windows.

Give me a call if you want someone to come over and take a look and make a few suggestions. I live fairly close to you. We could just work out some kind of deal for the time it would take.

Thanks for the offer, Scott. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal–I was just looking for suggestions. I think I’ll end up using a combination of plexiglass and that temporary caulk. Unless someone else has a better suggestion, that is.


There is aproduct that can be applied on the outside but that is probably not an option for your place.

I have a golden retriever, the cat stays in the garage. :wink:

Charley Rule # 1 and 2 Humans live inside animals live outside:D :smiley: </IMG></IMG>

Stop the cold air

Next insulate

Plexaglass is not cheap

Turn the furnsace down and dress warm

63 is a good temp


I don’t know if you can find it but metal mesh (insect) screen over the plastic sheets should deter kitty and still allow you to get light and see outside.

Keep in mind any Plexiglas covering maybe a fire hazard if you need to escape from that windown in a hurry…

or Else get a DOG…:D:D:D:D

Oh just duct tape their little feet.:stuck_out_tongue: :wink: