Web Class

Hey guys,

If I were to put a Web design/marketing & SEO class what topics would you find most useful? I’d guess that most people are primarily interested in search engine topics, but what else?


Help with insomnia. I slept 1 hour last night… I don’t know why I even bother.

Ditto! Caffine :shock:

I think you need to offer several classes begginner through advanced. Because me not too bright. :slight_smile:

How about basic web site design?

What does this mean to you, George? Are you talking about learning actual HTML coding, or learning about design patterns, color theory, etc (ie. what makes a “good” design) or both?

Chris, many inspectors apparently have template sites, with varying degrees of support from those who supplied them.

I know that our issue has always been wanting to make (generally minor) improvements and changes to such sites. Unfortunately, if you’re not comfortable with HTML and CSS, etc., even some minor such changes are challenging. Obviously, most of the template providers let you change printed content relatively easily, insert photos, etc. The addition of graphics, the use and manipulation of “from scratch” pages (if they’re provided), etc. is a challenge.

Just some thoughts.

I want to inspect houses…not build websites.

Do what we do best, leave the rest to the gurus of that particular need we have…

Just my opinion…

There are some who change their own oil on this site too I suppose…not me :wink:

My general thought is to design a course that covers the following topics:

  • Understanding and identifying the HTML and CSS languages,
  • Basic Color Theory,
  • Web Design Patterns, and
  • Search Engine Optimization.
    This would give an inspector the know-how to “peek under the hood” of their existing Web sites and make minor adjustments and to adjust the visual style of their site to be more user-friendly and search engine-friendly.

How’s this sound?


I’m there.

I’m in

Thats sounds great!!

SEO would be great! Thanks Chris.

I personally would like to have a list of all the codes with a description of what each one does…

<br> Brake— does a carrage return like a typewriter.
<p> Paragraph start—
</p> paragraph end—
<s> strike through— causes text that follows to have a line running through it.
</s> strike through end—

Some examples of each would be nice to have with each entry.

Like a glossary of HTML terms.

Count us in Chris!!