Weird mold results

I did a swab test, and understanding the idea that “mold is everywhere”, I got a No Fungi result.

Anyone ever get this as a result?


I have also heard that you can send in a sealed sample that has never been opened and get a lab result that says the sample has mold.

The mold testing industry is in its infancy and just like every other business with its own flaws. Enter this mold business with caution.

ha ha ha ha.

Well I now fell even worse. If you can get results not doing the sampling, and I got none with sampling… I can hear the client now:

“You couldn’t find mold if you fell on a mushroom farm!”

BTW, the client “Wife” has been pestering the client “Husband” to get ‘stains’ tested. I’m sure the Husband will be happy, after I confirm the results with the lab.