Well flow/ quality testing

I recently had a client contact me about a home inspection and a well flow/ quality test. I am not familiar with this test. Can someone explain to me more about this, point me where I can learn more or tell me who does this type of inspection so I could contract out. Thank you all for your help.

For water quality, you need to find a local lab that will provide testing for you. They should provide you with bottles and instructions on how THEY want the sample taken. You can google and find companies in your area, call around and find out prices and details so you are set up before your next call. Well flow testing is a little more detailed and involves buying some equipment to meter the flow, I think there may be a class on nachi that teaches you how to do it. Not everyone wants both, some just want the quality.

Don’t think that a flow gauge on an exterior faucet tells you anything without knowing the depth of the well, diameter of the casing, the static water level, and then taking the time to properly perform the test. Don’t be surprised in these days of drought that you start sucking sand and screw up a pump. That is not failure under testing, that is not knowing what you are doing. And pumps can be pretty spendy.

That is right. Many turn it over to actual well drillers because they have the experience to deal with it.

I like “state certified” labs for water quality testing of my water sample taking.