Well flow rate

In reference to inspecting a home with a well. When you are asked to do a flow rate, what methods do you use and how long do you allow the well to run to sustain the flow rate. What is the minimum you would call out. Thanks in advance.

I do a pressure test. That’s all.

I usually run the water for two hours @ 3 gallons per minute to start. It’s important to check the flow every 15-20 minutes. I use the bucket method. There are gauges out there but I find a bucket is just fine. I would like to see at least 2 gallons a minute after two hours. I believe some lenders require a flow test.

You can do a flow rate test by having a measured container like a 5 gal bucket. Then time running the water for 1 minute and see how many buckets it fills. There are a few problems with this basic test. Many wells have expansion tanks with a bladder. Many wells have storage tanks mounted high enough for different head pressures and some wells rely on pumps with no other means of delivery. All this can change the GPM.


Vaughn…do you have that meter? I see it is about $115.00. Looks like it may be worth it. Looks more proffessional than a bucket.

No I do not, But I have been considering buying one and this seems to be the one to have. I think the $115 is a little too much for me at this time though.:neutral:

Just think how sporty one would look wearing that fanny pack though.

You would have to hook that up to an outside bib. Can’t use it in the winter.

In AZ you can use it year all year long. I’m going to purchase one…I’ll let you know how it works.

I don’t do enough wells here for the added cost of the equipment. Just another thing that can break down.

Thank you all for the info

Local guy around here is selling something like that. He put it on a tripod. Did a video on NACHI TV about it.

I refer to a well technician; those test can take as long if not longer than a professional home inspection if done properly.