Well Flow Testing and Septic Risk

Good morning fellow inspectors.
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I recently received a call from a concerned seller of a home that I had inspected. I was not contracted to conduct a well flow on the property, so a different inspector conducted the flow test on a different day. In my area it is standard for 3gpm/2hrs.

They were concerned because the septic system was now having issues, and they thought it was me who did the testing. The inspector conducted the flow test inside the home, with the 300+ gallons of water going into the septic system.

I do not conduct septic dye testing, so my knowledge of septics is a little weak, but my thought would be that the system should be able to handle that amount of water. Or am Iincorrect? Does conducting a well flow test with this much water putting the system at risk?

Please advise, as I’d like to get more information.

Thank you.

Welcome back to our forum, Joshua!..enjoy participating. :smiley:

Someone will be along to help you with your septic question…I did’t do those. I farmed them out, if needed.

Thank you!

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