Well system - black water from supply?

ok, city boy here, i don’t do many well homes - my question is this: what does it mean when you operate hot water at a sink
(which didnt seem to get much use) and blackened water comes out…
'is it sans oxidation “rusting” inside pipe - just built up and washing out?:?
it did stop, as if it were a coating inside pipe
is this a problem?

Is it galvanized plumbing?

Copper as far as i can see… maybe some small flex connectors…rubber? a reaction from well chemicals

black rubber washers will oxidize for lack of a better term or fragment when seldom usage occurs
ever change a toilet tank that black crap from the tank/bowl washers sticks to and stains anything it comes in contact with

i told you! you had to go see didn’t you?

I have never seen that with copper plumbing before.

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Any time you shut off the water supply to your house, when you turn it back on you will get brown water sometimes even black. It is just sediment from the water system. Let the water run until it clears up and you will be fine.

The tank is decaying .How old is the tank .
The sacrifical anode tube sounds like it has died .

Iron and magnesium will cause the water to turn deep brown and than when exposed to air it wiill be almost black.:smiley:

Thanks guys! making sense cause this home had 4 bathrooms, and 3 had 2 sinks each… uh ( and yeah i underbid this one)