Wet and Dry bulb testing

I would like to ask inspectors like Dave A and Charlie B as well as any others if they could take the time to present a simplified way to properly explain how to measure the Delta T using the wet and dry bulb theory.

I have some basic knowledge I would like to expand on, the 20 degree delta T, load, humidity and other important factors.

The reason is I would like to be able to provide better inspections to my clients.

I would like to see your technique, tools and report verbiage. I also would like to see some charts implemented. Like checking delta T target vs actual and targeting temperature split charts (wet & dry bulb)

I also would be willing to pay you for your time. Maybe we can present this to the educational creators at Nachi.

Thanks for you consideration.

I agree. We could use some examples of IR reports. Not only would they be informative but it would be helpful to further the interest in the field. Yes it is specialized area and if you have examples please post.

FLIR has templates in Word as part of the FLIR Tools.

Isn’t that only included with REAL Flir IR cameras? I didn’t know the Flir One was considered as such. :-k

I believe that he is asking about a psychrometer for an air conditioner.

Grumpy Dave and Grandpa Charlie are the best at this. Where are they???

Nobody’s going to share a professional IR report with a hack who insists on using substandard equipment.

Don’t Hijack the thread about wet bulb testing.

If this is true, then all calculations can be done here: