WH service disconnect

Where does it state, if anywhere, that a service disconnects shall be provided for water heaters within so many ft in the NEC??

NEC article 422.31(B)

(B) Appliances Rated Over 300 Volt-Amperes or 1/8 Horsepower. For permanently connected appliances rated over 300 volt-amperes or 1/8 hp, the branch-circuit switch or circuit breaker shall be permitted to serve as the disconnecting means where the switch or** circuit breaker** is within sight from the appliance or is capable of being locked in the open position. The provision for locking or adding a lock to the disconnecting means shall be installed on or at the switch or circuit breaker used as the disconnecting means and shall remain in place with or without the lock installed.

NEC 422.31 (B) States that appliances over 300VA must have a disconnect within sight. Water heaters are directly referenced in Article 422.

As far as the NEC is concerned “within sight” is defined as within 50 feet.

Instead have them install a lock out device instead of a disconnect. Much cheaper and easier.

Thanks Mr Larson, and Robert.

Russell, you didn’t answer my question.

Now to get specific, when if any did this apply for water heaters? Meaning what year.

I have a 1996 NEC and it is stated there…422-21b…that is the oldest NEC I have…want me to send you the pictures of the code? Been down that road before.

No thats fine. Everywhere is different, and my biggest problem is I am not 60 years old.
Most around here that are over 20 years never have one…

Its like s traps. Some are still putting them in, and then they say, “thats the way its always beeen done round here!”

I just note stuff like that and do not make a big deal out of it, if it is a common practice. 98% of all homes in my area have no weep holes in the brick. Do I make a big deal out of it? No. Do I note it in the report? You bet!
It is better sometimes to spend your time on battles you know you can win. Sad but true!

I hear you on the weeps.
Gets expensive especially when all the walkways are up higher than the foundation.

You are 100% correct my friend. I always do have to remind people that within sight also means it has to be visible as well…and not just the 50’.

In Sight From (Within Sight From, Within Sight).
Where this Code specifies that one equipment shall be “in
sight from,” “within sight from,” or “within sight of,” and
so forth, another equipment, the specified equipment is to be
visible and not more than 15 m (50 ft) distant from the other.