What are people thinking

Feel free to use this as what not to do.

It looks like that were on the right track in keeping the water heater from freezing. But in Florida who knows why


Did you win the election??


I think that’s a return for circulating the CO from the WH throughout the house.

If it is indeed a supply, then its to blow the CO away from the flue.

#-o ](*,) :shock:

Lots of headaches/flu like symptoms for the previous owners?

Either way it sucks (get it)
You could also say the contractor blows.:slight_smile:

Is there a problem having a supply air register on the plenum in Florida?

Oh, I see, the t-p safety valve drain is going uphill.

Sparky, the flue has carbon Monoxide.
Look at the picture.
If it is a vent for return or supply you are still in trouble.

Properly burning gas appliances do not produce Carbon Monoxide, automobiles do.

I agree the supply air register is pretty close to the water heater draft hood but it wont hurt anything to blow a little air past it.

I hope you are joking.

Didn’t notice that. Nice.


The trim plate on the pipe going through the wall is a nice touch.

99 people out of 100 think natural gas burning appliances produce Carbon Monoxide like an automobile does when in fact, as long as they are properly adjusted, getting enough make up air and burning clean they produce Carbon Dioxide, not Carbon Monoxide.

The main point of our fall furnace checks/tune ups is to check the Carbon Monoxide content within the exhaust flue and most all gas furnaces and gas water heaters are only around 3-4 PPM.

What part of that picture would make you think the WH is proper?

Why have a flue at all then?
And if the CO doesn’t go in the flue (where you check the level) and is allowed to accumulate in the house, what would the result be?

Sparky, are you a home Inspector?
I hope not.
If you are a plumber , all your clients are dead buy now.](,) ](,) ](,) ](,) ](,) ](,) ](*,)

Wait a minute, is someone actually saying that it is okay to suck air from a gas flue or blow air through the air gap for a gas flue? :shock: There is very little about that installation that I would call correct. TRP going up hill with enough elbows in it to circle the WH. No insulating unions, copper directly to the iron WH connection. No shut off valves to isolate the heater.:roll:

Can’t wait to see the gas connection. :mrgreen:
This plumber (if he was one) should be flogged.

Forget the plumbing, as they will all be gone way before.Yikes

Well I can only see the top half and the type “B” flue pipe looks OK but since the installer ran the t-p drain uphill; it does make a person wonder about the rest of the installation.
What part of it makes you think it’s improper?

Without a properly drawing flue, the exhaust containing the C02 would dump into the room and take the place of the oxygen that the burner needs and when it goes through and burns the second time, the flue gas IS Carbon Monoxide.

Depends on how big the room is, how much of the Co2 is dumping out into the room and how diluted with the make up air oxygen and how long all this is going on.
In other words how contaminated the make up air is with flue gas products.

Not anymore and when I was I only did the plumbing, HVAC and appliance inspections.
I got tired of being caught between the seller, the buyer and the agent and quit doing them except for special old customers.

Retired but I still hold my Master Plumber, Master Mechanic and Warm Air Heating Supervisor licenses in several different cities as well as my EPA type 1, type 2 and type 3 certifications.
And yes, naturally several of my 12,719 customers have passed on in the last forty years but none from Carbon Monoxide poisoning or bad plumbing or electrical work.
I’m sure I have however saved several customers’ lives by finding and repairing bad flue pipes, plumbing cross connections and bad electrical wiring.

I guess I’ll have to shoot some pictures of my Carbon Monoxide meter readout with the probe stuck up in the draft hood of a burning natural gas appliance or two.

How do you figure that a supply air blowing out can suck?

Maybe it is a R A but it looks like a supply air register to me
I mean it wouldn’t be the first time I saw a supply air register used as a R A grill.

Sparky, even ventless fireplaces can kill you from Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
They burn quite a bit more efficiently than a big old Waterheater, which by the way is normally also hooked up to the same flue as the furnace or boiler.
You are right that it is most likely a vent however.
Either way, I repeat that it sucks.