What are you guys charging for inspections in this market?

I was going to answer your points but before I do who are you talking to? When you start a post by quoting someone and never make a distinction in a change for the target audience it is expected your entire post is directed at the person you originally quoted. That appears to be supported by the constant use of “you” without a distinction.

So who were you actually directing this post to?

I do not just directly reference my comments to the OP I quote. I use peoples comments as the subject, and anything I say is for all to read, not just the OP. Everyone has the option to view and discuss the subject matter provided. A lot of people think it’s just all about them, should I not seem to agree. You responded several times to me, me to you. So things are drifting.

In this case, the subject of my reply is “Convince Them”.
Your reply;

My comment is about the sales approach of “Convincing” the client. My initial reply was first directed to Bert Hill as to my opinion that his marketing approach to client phone calls is excellent, and further commented that eventually clients would be calling him without asking “How much do you charge” (subject of this thread). Then you and everyone chimed in. Your approach was to reply with $9k and go from there, which is an interesting approach, but with a bit of sarcasm involved. A toned down version can work. Your getting the client to engage in conversation, rather than “Give me a price so I can eliminate you”, which is a good thing.

Though my approach or comment is not the same as yours, it does not mean I’m attacking you. Just my opinion, based on a lot of marketing experience in several service industries.

If I wasn’t clear the first time, convincing a potential client to purchase is like a used car salesman. No one likes them, so why use their approach? I’m not saying your doing that, but people that do are projecting used car sales tactic that should be avoided.

No need to feel you must address anything I have said. It is a take it or leave it comment unless I put a “?” at the end. I do not care how anyone runs their business here. I am retired and anything anyone does to screw up the industry has no effect on me. I’m not trying to make a name for myself. I already achieved Inspector of the Year. I already made my $$$. I get a lot of “thumbs up” replies to very old posts I made in the past, so apparently they are helping out some of you. That’s what is all about for me at this point.

I think you have a good approach to things you stated here. I just chime in at times to help fine tune things if anyone is inclined.

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A lot of thread drift here…
I loose inspections to the price shoppers nearly every time. Oh well, although when I loose four or five inspections in a week to lower priced competition, I pause to ponder. But I ponder my presentation, not my pricing. I am not the most expensive HI around here, but I am on the upper end.
Real estate agents often refer at least three inspectors to their clients. If the other two are cheaper, then chances are, the client will go with them.
Structuring your business where you are less dependent on agents for referrals and more dependent on past clients for referrals will eliminate the price problem. When John and Mary tell their best friends that “You have to call our inspector. He/she is the BEST!” Then price is not an issue.