What are you guys charging for inspections in this market?

What do you charge for an inspection? What do you provide with that price?

How many do you do per week/month?

What are your best strategies to get clients/inspections?

Just curious thanks.

Why don’t you start with joining InterNACHI. I would be surprised if a member would be willing to disclose personal business information to a non-member. Your basically asking for our W-2 information.

  1. What do we charge per inspection?
  2. How many do we perform.

Do you work for the IRS?


When that is the very first question I am asked on a call, and many times the only question, I quote $9,832.33. Then I explain to them how that can be dramatically reduced once we discuss their inspection needs.


Well that wasn’t nice! You must be an Inspectiphobe or Inspectionist. While we are redifining words I just added those to the online dictionaries. :wink:

Didn’t you know you were suppose to post your Form 1040 and Schedules as well as your inspection logs to help people out? :wink: :wink:


I have raised my prices 3 times this year. 4 times since December 2021. My base price has increased 3 times ($25 each time) and I have also adjusted up my price per mile traveled and my price for ancillary services. I have not adjusted my cost per sq ft, I just adjusted my base cost. My average price for a complete inspection is $150 more than last year.
Three days ago I had a lady tell my my price was double the other quote she got. I often get a little resistance on my prices but that is my opportunity to tell them WHY my prices are higher than the other guys around here.
Listen, you WANT your conversation with any prospective client to go there. This is your opening to discuss what makes you different, better, more. Tell them why a cheaper inspection can cost them more in missed issues.
I did an experiment last year where I secretly hired a competitor to inspect the same house I was hired to inspect. I can put my report next to his and any customer seeing the difference would want to take me out for a beer after kicking that guy in the nuts.
Anyone who doesn’t appreciate the difference is not a customer for me.

By the way, even with my increased prices, I have already done more inspections in 2022 than I did in all of 2021. I’m working 28 days a month. Business is growing quickly, despite the rapidly increasing fees. Don’t be afraid to charge what you are worth.
Good luck everyone. :wink:


You are well on your way to becoming a top producer here.

I love how you view complaints and take advantage of them to get your message across.

When you start getting calls asking “if your available” or “can you fit me in”, instead of how much do you charge, you are at the point of no return.

I was told years ago by an Inspector who was trying to retire, that because he just couldn’t say “No”, he would raise his prices. He also refused to work so much and just declined calls that were not his cup of tea. The result was that he got bigger and better inspections that paid anything he asked for. “I just wish I did this sooner”, was all he could say.

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What do you charge for an inspection? What do you provide with that price?
How many do you do per week/month?
What are your best strategies to get clients/inspections?

Just curious thanks.

Is that all you want to know?
You didn’t ask about the secret sauce


when I get a caller telling me that one of my competitors is way cheaper than I , I just respond well then He obviously knows what He is worth, as do I…


What was “not nice” about it? You asked a few probing questions, he asked a few probing questions.

You basically asked;

How much money do you make monthly?
How did you make that money?

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I had to go back and look at my post to see if the “Winky Wink” emoji had been dropped. I see it’s still there. Also read my post before that.

Yep, at that point they are only looking for the first one available and preferably the cheapest and not your qualifications or abilities or even references from past clients.

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Not the point I was making. When your reputation precedes you, they don’t care the cost, just if your available to help them…


Jacob, I don’t really know where is this blog is leading the conversation, but your question is a fare one…

So… $400 for a basic flat rate home inspection;

What is a flat rate inspection?;

A 1970+ single family dwelling average 2,000 square feet…!

That is the “base line”…

But there is no “one price fits all strategy…”

If older (<1970) with a stone foundations price goes UP…!

If newer (>1970) a discount may apply…! -$50

Discounts are always appreciated, but we must enforce the VALUE of our contribution to the buyer, seller, realtor… investor… who ever wants to hire our PROFESSIONAL SERVICES

I am always willing to offer a discount, in exchange for SOMETHING… even ‘a smile’ in the customer’s face.!

If referred by a RECURRING Realtor, I make them look good and provide a “PREFERRED REALTOR DISCOUNT” … make the Realtor feel PREFERRED and the customer feel the value of a relationship.

If the ride is over 25 miles away from my home office, I ADD $25 for gas…! or $50 for a burger in the way back too.

If the house is worth $1,000,000 or more … I asked the customer “How much do you think inspecting your humongous investment is worth it?” if you want AN EXPERT’s OPINION, you should expect to pay the right value, not a price!

If the buyer has limited available resources to close and is looking to save a buck in the inspection, I make sure they understand the VALUE of our knowledge.

About How many inspections we do in a week…! :rofl::joy:
“That is the question”… one, 2, 3…. Four…! One a day…! Two daily! Three in one day is a stretch…! I like to enjoy life, and work is not fun…! But… do I get booked for 2 a day every day for 52 weeks a year… I WISH…! and don’t…!

So Do the MATH…! and enjoy what you do…!

At last… We are not supposed to be “A CARTEL” and fix the minimum price for one inspection. That will be a bad monopolize strategic move…! But every Realtor wants us to BE CHEAP or affordable…! Realtors will suggest that we charge $300 or less… but they are never willing to lower their commission…!!

We must (“MUST and we are OBLIGATED!) to preserve the VALUE of our knob and services…! Therefore, please! I beg you all to hold your ground and DO NOT GIVE AWAY your services.

Pandemic and Economic Side Note: I added $25 to $50 more to my ‘flat $400 fee’ in the second quarter of 2022. Gasoline went up, cost of living and inflation is estimated at 9+% up so far. But U always play every job ‘by ear’…!

Opinions & Comments are Welcome…!


Curious Jacob…!

Simple! I will suggest you set a BAR…set a STANDARD… make us PROUD… we are “PROFESSIONAL HOME INSPECTORS…!!

My personal professional GOAL is to provide my services at a MINIMUM Rate of $100/Hour.

A standard well done home inspection job takes 3 hours of my day once on the site. With a 20 minute commute (one-way) and about a full hour to analyze the captured data, pictures and observations to write and publish (PDF email) on top of that… I go for $450 Fee.

If I seat in my rear-end the rest of the day, that is fine! But I will not move for less that $100/Hour…!!

Remember, as a Home inspector, you are doing a lot more…! Marketing = Promotion takes a good chunk of my week. Building relationships does too. Keeping my ‘QUICKBOOKS’ accounting and my research and continued education investment is part of all of us ‘pricing strategy’…! Even keeping my tools and my truck functional ready to go is also a TASK. Who pays for all of this stuff? Think about it…!!

Who pays for your License, you Insurance Binder/Bond? … your Report Writing Software…?

Now that I see this myself… I think I will set the new improve 2022 to infinity and beyond BAR at $150/Hour…!!, What do you think? Fare?

Never forget your “Partner in Business” the IRS… (+28%?)

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You should come to Texas then. Reputation plays a small part in the choice and price is about the most important choice. Almost all of my business is referral with some making me walk on water in the referral. Very few do not question price with plenty who do moving on to the cheaper Inspector no matter how well you think you’ve convinced them otherwise.

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This is not about Texas, it’s that way everywhere. Inspectors are the ones making it that way.

You have a majority of referral business. It is not Texas, or Texas Buyers, it’s about you and other Inspectors in this industry.

#1 You don’t need to “Convince” anyone to pick you.
The client needs to select you because they determined by themselves that you are the one they need for the job. How they do that is what you have yet to discover how to do. I’m not saying your not successful in your business, I’m replying to your opinion that price is what drives the selection process.

The reason they go towards the low price, is because they do not understand what they are buying in the first place. And why that is, is because you have not taught them to realize why they are getting an Inspection in the first place. Someone told them they need an inspection. Do they really know why they need an inspection? I ask every caller why they are looking for a home inspection. Replies range from my Realtor told me to get one, a relative or friend, or just plain (all to often) “I don’t know!”. If they don’t know, why are they wasting their money?

You can run around as a HI trying to convince Realtors and Buyers they need you to inspect their house. But if they can’t see why they need one (or you), they aren’t buying. People buy stuff all the time and short while later get buyers remorse. Why? Because they didn’t think through it or justify to themselves why they really needed to spend that money in the first place (or they find that low ball better deal you talk about).

I preach about putting your prices on the internet all the time. Again, it’s because buyers do not buy, they eliminate. They are looking for a reason not to buy, and move on for a better deal. HI’s just love to run their business like Walmart! First this is a service business, not retail. Second, HI’s focus on their price more than the potential client does. I do this all the time! So does every one of you out there. So what makes you spend more money for higher quality purchases? Things that matter the most to you.

There is a lot more, but I hope you all get the jest. You, and the majority of other inspectors that never even opened a lemonade stand are the reason why no matter how good you are, a bunch of clients will always lean towards the low-ball out of ignorance. It’s your job to change that, at least in your market area.


Well worded! I think that it is always important to keep in mind the value of what is offered and weigh that along with the value of the type of client. I hope to rock out like that soon! :sunglasses:

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Not necessarily. In Maryland, most inspection contingencies must be done in 7 days. It doesn’t matter how good you are or what you charge if you can’t fit the client in that time frame. They will go with someone that can.

“Caveat Emptor” which most buyers have no clue to the meaning of.

Btw- 7 days is better than 5, which I’ve seen…which is better than waiving DD and the inspection altogether.

And beats the hell out of 3 which happens around here from time to time.
It’s just one of the games realtors play to screw the consumer into buying crap houses at exorbitant prices!


Hmm did you read my post? Here it is again with the important point in bold. Here in Texas with the hot market we typically see them in 3 - 5 day option periods for their inspection and they wait until the day the option period starts to look for an Inspector.

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