What Happened To The CMI Thingy?

What happened to the CMI thingy?

Apparently, Elvis has left the building…:wink:

I think that you two scared it away!!!

I’m guessing that, like Greg said, some people got tired of arguing and having to justify every letter or word they wrote, but that is just my opinion.

Some would contend that a “president” of anything should be required to justify any and all changes he would make to a program he was appointed to, but that is just my opinion.:wink:

But is there not a certain point where most people, presidents included, get REAL tired of justifying EVERYTHING to the same people over and over and over. We have our fair share of people who get a burr under their saddle about just about everything, and it is the same people over and over and all they do is find fault with something and then just kick the horse long after they are dead to the point where it becomes a real pain in the *** to everyone else. I realize this is an open board, but we should rename it to days of our lives or some other soap opera and sell the rights to one of the networks, because for the most part, it doesn’t have **** to do with home inspections anymore.

Feels good to be able to freely express your thoughts and feelings on this subject, doesn’t it, Dave?:wink:

AS the NACHI World Turns. Sounds like a good drama series for NACHI TV.

Jim, for a few years, I used to post at least a few times a day, often more than that. Over the past 6-12 months, I haven’t bothered because the board is just not anywhere near the benefit it used to be. Of course, it is actually one NACHI benefit that was started and actually remains in existence; unlike many that were announced.

Hi Dave,

I hope that you and your family are doing well. Things sure have changed a lot over the last few years. It looks like the only one benefiting from NACHI anymore is Nick.

Greg, we are finally starting to thaw out. We still have about 8000 people without power from a ice storm that hit 12 days ago. It was the worst ice storm followed by a couple of inches of snow 4 days later. We had about 3" of ice that is actually still on the ground in many places.

It is very difficult to introduce programs like CMI into a mature association. Those who have met the standard will always be at odds with those who have not yet met the standard and everyone feels that they should be allowed in.

I believe there are only two ways to get past the problem outlined above.

1). Make all existing members of the current organization into CMI and then impose the new rule on all new members joining.

  • Pro: Everyone gets in now, the fighting is over.

  • Con: Acceptance of the designation is low outside the association, creditably comes into question, the existing organization will have a more difficult time recruiting new members at the entry level.
    2). The group must begin outside of any current organization and grow slowly with no direct contact with any existing organization.

  • Pro: The standards can be whatever the group decides without any infighting. The entry requirements can be whatever the group decides. Creditability can be high and maintained.

  • Con: Growth and recognition will be slow. Large influx of funds will most likely be required. Chance of failure is much greater.
    I don’t know what the future holds for CMI, but with the dumbing down of our profession with incompetent licensing laws that give equality to the the lowest common denominator within our profession I see an opportunity for designations like CMI at least at the grassroots local level.

I believe that we will see groups of more experienced credentialed home inspectors banding together and successfully marketing themselves as some sort of a Master Inspectors Group at least at the state or county level outside of the established associations. As far as a national CMI designation being a success… well, the jury is still out.

Just my thoughts on this touchy issue.

Seems that I remember Mr Bell challenging many things on this
board… but when some else questions things… OH NO!!!

Is it only right for Mr Bell to question things around here…?
I don’t think so.

I may or may not agree with your post, but I support your
right to question a matter freely. You have done it many times.

Take the splinter out of your own eye so you can see
clearly to help take the splinter out of your brothers eye…

BTW… CMI has not gone anywhere… the last time I looked, it
was still there. Just Michaels version of CMI seems to be scared
for now.

Nick took a lot of heat from you when he started CMI and even
thanked you for your input. Nick seems to stand up to the fire a little
better than some folks.

Dave you hit the nail on the head.

So, how goes inspector quarterly? And the Remax thing?

I wonder what Nick is doing with his printing shop that he bought for NACHI.

Sorry, I could not help myself.:shock: back to the thread topic.

CMI. Hmmmm, makes no difference as ASHI has there own Master Inspector thing going and it has some nads.

10 years as a member and Peer review of your inspections plus a TEST. ASHI is making up for the “we speak house” thing.

I was told by a major player in the ASHI ranks that it was very difficult to get through the testing for Master Inspector, and we just have a payment and whatever proof you can muster up. CMI is a joke marketing ploy and nothing more.

We need to fix this as the folks at ASHI are no fools.


The remark was not intended to be critical of you or anyone else.

Todd, those two items were two exact items that came to mind, amongst MANY others that were mentioned, but never came to fruitation.

I made a list about 6 mo. ago and sent it to fast reply, but received no answer.:shock:


Were you not once a paid supporter of NACHI and if so what happened? No fears Dave I know what happened, but others might like to know if you want to tell the story.

If they implement this plan there will be a huge backlash from every ASHI member who has less then 9-years. ASHI lost 30% over the branding debacle, look for a 50% walkout when they roll this puppy out.

Many members refused to ever buy into the candidate thing and waited out the 250 inspections before joining, implement this plan and they will wait 10 years.

Can ASHI make it any easier for Nick? :smiley:

I’ll discuss it on another thread at a different date.