What happens if my 2 year old touches an electric fence?

I found you by googling “what happens if my two year old touches an electric fence?” and my question is exactly that. I have an electric fence around my property to discourage deer. It’s in the woods and out of her general travels, but she did go through it last week, managing, by the grace of God, not to get shocked. I have accidentally touched it many times with nothing worse than an unpleasant shock. Many animals have, I presume, touched it and have not been harmed. The charger is new and pulses. It appears from your description of deaths that people might have somehow wired it directly to the house voltage? I try to keep her away, obviously, but can you give me information as to what might happen should she touch it? Thanks

If a small child touches an electric fence, the “unpleasant shock” an adult feels, can be traumatic to the child. A simple precaution would be to ensure an adult is always present when your child is in the yard, or simply turn the fence off until play-time is over.
I found the below link, might be an interesting read for you.


A simple solution is to take the child to the fence and say the word “No”. You may have to do this several times, but eventually, he will understand. This method works well for electrical receptacles, jumping into the pool, getting into the liquor cabinet, and many other things.

Your 3 year old will know not to touch it, but he will still probably pee on it in his teens

Doubtful…none of us ever did…

Thank you for the information. I have told her “no” many times, and certainly try to supervise her. It’s almost like she doesn’t really understand what I am talking about–hard to tell a 2 year old not to do something they haven’t yet done. I know it will be very unpleasant for her, but I am mainly worried if it will cause her serious harm.

My Grandfather taught us well , Used us to test the fence . I had a Buddie it didn’t even bother. The pulse is a good one gives a jolt but lets go,