What is an appropriate location for a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

I see them in the same location as the the hallway smoke detectors.
Is this ok? Or is there a different criteria?


Most AHJ or State laws require one within 15’ of all rooms used for sleeping when house uses fossil fuel appliances or when connected to an enclosed garage.

They make smoke/co combo detectors, which is usually in the bedrooms hallway.

Per the 2009 IRC, CO alarms must be located outside each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms. The carbon monoxide alarm
can be located near the smoke alarm required in the immediate area of the bedrooms by Section R314.3. At this time, CO detectors are not required to be hard wired or interconnected like smoke alarms. One alarm is insufficient for a home built to the 2009 IRC.

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California Law

Detector Placement

Manufacturer Placement Info

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