What is the minimum temperature that should be coming out of Register?

I have a thermometer to test the air temperature coming out of the register.
What is the minimum temperature that the air should be coming out of the vent ?

At My last inspection, the temperature was: 60 degrees fahrenheit


What was the ambient temperature?

Was that in Heat mode or Cool mode?

Obviously, we need more info!

If you look at the plate on the furnace it will tell you the heat gain of the furnace. It should be close to that number. Take a reading of the ambient temp and then once the furnace is up and running for ten minutes take a second reading.

ambient was 73 degrees…in the cool mode.

an AC unit turned on in the cool mode…what
is the minimum temperature that should be coming out
of the register?..

14 to 21 degrees cooler.

Thanks for these numbers…

No problem, Hopefully I don’t get hammered over them!

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You will. Anderson should spot this thread soon.

Last time this was posted he didn’t get too crazy. He said something to the effect of he’s done fighting the issue and he will just let us suck at inspecting homes.

I just answered his question. Inspectors need to know that there is alot more to inspecting AC then just the temperature differential. It is only used as an indicator, not the whole inspection. Ok I am ready now, crucify me!!!:roll::roll::slight_smile:

I. The inspector is not required to determine:

[li]property boundary lines or encroachments.
[/li][li]the condition of any component or system that is not readily accessible.
[/li][li]the service life expectancy of any component or system.
[/li][li]the size, capacity, BTU, performance or efficiency of any component or system.

Exact reason that the SOP sucks…and why those who go strictly by it will end up out of business within a year.

So in your report your can say

Air Conditioning: Present turned on an off. - Good luck with that.

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I’m sorry, you seem to have confused home inspectors with HVAC technicians.:roll::roll:

First two words sums it all up…thanks for the admission

And you are what you are.

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You’d be a fool to pull out a set of gauges as home inspector to determine the conditions of an AC system

I open electrical panels and look at wiring and I am not an electrician

I look at roofing material and I am not a roofer I even walk on the roofs.

I check out showers, toilets, sinks and I am not a plumber

I check out pools and I am not a pool contractor

I check out structural integrity of a house and I am not a structural engineer.

So your telling me that stating “AC present” and turns on and off is an acceptable answer? Talk about soft reports!

No Mr. Distinguished, I’m telling you unless you put the gauges on you cannot tell the condition of the system. Pay attention. :roll:

Do you put them on?

Why would you be a fool to do that? Why are guages needed? I do have an EPA license that is required by the state of Florida to use the gauges and in some cases I do use them. But if the system is clean, ducts are running fine, temp drops are adequate and no defects noted I do not see a reason to use them.

But when I do, I actually use the Field Piece equipment, much more efficient and professional.

Next question.