What is the proper name of this "monster"?

Okay. The first time I run into one of those giant ones, I’m out of the biz. Or not doing craws. Or something. Because I can’t breathe right now. I think I might faint. :frowning:

OMG. :shock:

I think I’ve seen the bitty ones running across the floor in the middle of the night in the bathroom. I just squash them with tissue and flush. If there are some of the giganto ones in my house, I’m going to have serious issues with my landlord.

Thing is Wendy…sometimes the fiddlebacks and the silver/centi/eyelash/fishbait 'ers…are the nicest things in the crawsl around here. Seriously.

Honest to God didn’t need to know that.:neutral:

Yuri, this is a common house centipede, Scutigera coleoptrata. It seeks moist environments to hunt its prey: spiders, silverfish, cockroaches, and termites. The venom from its bite can be painful to human beings and pets; sometimes it is dangerous to a person who is allergic to its venom. When you encounter one (or more) on an inspection, it is evidence that a suitable, moist habitat is likely in the home. Keep on the lookout for water intrusion, leaks, staining.

Clark Evans
Evans Home Inspection, Inc.

That looks like me on the ceiling doing everything I possibly could to get away from a very annoying owner of a home I inspected for a client this week. It finally ended when he ask me why I was taking the electrical coverplate off the panel and I said its part of inspecting the roof.


Add 300 pounds and I’d call it “mother-in-law”

The big amber things are, indeed, centipedes. In Hawaii we had many of them where we lived on the Pearl City Penninsula – although a helo pilot of many years, I could actually hear them crawl across the linoleum floors. They can hurt if they sting you.

Actually, That creature is properly called a millipede. We call them 1000 leggers here in central PA. Millipedes have two sets of legs per body segment, centipedes have one set of legs per segment. ( I was a Biology major in college)

opps, sorry. I was responding to the first pic. I see two others now that are centipedes.


No, he smelled fine…oh, wait, that’s what it’s called right? Thanks!

I don’t see as many of these wonderful little creatures around as I did when I was young. This praying mantis and his mate were protecting the front of a home yesterday.

Since no one else answered I feel obligated…had too? Love bugs and snakes.

House centipede - *Scutigera coleoptrata *


House centipede.jpg

The first centipede without 100 legs eh? Only in America.

A little more info:


Beyond infestation levels, I’ve actually heard that having these guys around isn’t such a bad thing, just like having a reasonable “supply” of spiders :wink:

Since they have no interest in human food or waste, their presence isn’t necessarily indicative of a dirty environment. And since they eat just about every insect we consider undesireable, having them around is really a benefit.

I’ve heard and read that they could bite, but I’ve never heard of an actual case. And I’ve never heard that it really would be a major issue if they did.

So I personally wouldn’t worry too much about seeing one or two of these guys occassionally. Of course, if there is an infestation, other problems may exist that are providing large populations of prey which should be investigated.

But it definitely isn’t a silverfish. They are much smaller, about the size of a grain of rice, almost translucent at times, but do have a similar “look” with wispy legs and appendages front and rear. Silverfish eat old paper and similar products I believe.

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Kinda humorous: http://www.math.umd.edu/~schris/scutigera.shtml