Name that pooh!

OK found this on a home inspection. Wondering if anyone can identify the animal.





Looks like bird poo to me, but I’m certainly not a “pooligist” by any means.:mrgreen:

Evidence of local wildlife infestation is all I would write up. No reason to get into taxonomy in a home inspection report. Recommend a pest control expert and a contracotr to repair the damage.

Refer to a qualified Scatologist

Come on guys… play along! :mrgreen::smiley:

I want to know what animal craps up.

See the insulation at the first joist.

Holy ****e Bat Man.

Me thinks the critter was up in the insulation and poohed down.

You mean…Ewwwwww.

So there is more above the insulation? Ewwwwww

It is a FiberpoohBird The fiberglass is it home, It nest in attics and crawl spaces where ever there is fiber glass. Beware it can not be cooked or eaten . Also do not wipe your back side with the feathers from this bird .

Which bird feathers do you recommend for that purpose? :wink:

Liberal ones Mikey! Liberal Ones! :mrgreen:

This is the work of the FOO bird. The poo is actually toxic, and can burn your skin, and ruin your clothes. If you should happen to get some of this on your clothes, do not wipe it off, you will get it on your hand.

The lesson to be learned here is… If the Foo $–ts, wear it.

LOL, That’s cute!

Actually I print out news from this page and use that :wink:
Now see i tried to bite my tongue then you fellows had to Do the liberal thing lolol
I am trying to cut back on come backs

I use printouts from MSNBC myself. :wink:

we all know righties love pooh. With the supreme shoveler limbaugh I think’s it’s a membership requirement.

I bet it is the fancy shiny Paper too I prefer my material on recycled . Is it me or is everyone picking on a Moderate liberal thinking people here.
I used to be a member of the conservative Party in Canada BTW Till i seen the light. A Moderate Conservative from Canada is a Pantie Waist Liberal here in the south who Figure that out anyway ? I guess I am now a Liberal and proud of it! I do Love YES WE CAN. And the more i read about being conservative on this board the more liberal i get . Got to love it.
Have fun boys
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It’s funny. I used to be a pantie waist liberal until I saw the light too. I to love YES WE CAN (also known as OOH RAH!). And the more I read from the liberals on this board the more conservative I get. :mrgreen:

Great come Back LLOLOLOL